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01 April 2010 @ 08:35 pm
Frequently Asked Questions Post  

Frequently Asked Questions



  • I don't really like Bob, but I love Gerard so I'd like to talk about him/post pictures of him/etc here. I promise I won't bash Bob (at least not on purpose LOL). Okay?

    We love Gerard too! But we also love Bob, and the comm is about Gerard AND Bob, as a pair, and posts need to be about the both of them together and positive about both of them. If you can manage that, welcome! If you don't want to share the Bob-love with the Gerard-love (or vice versa), we bet there are other communities out there that you'd probably enjoy more.
  • I wrote a really awesome Gerard/Frank fic that mentions Gerard/Bob once or twice. Can I post a link to it here?

    Fic and fan art (and meta, and picspams) need to have a focus on Gerard&Bob and/or Gerard/Bob. They should be the main relationship in the story/art, share equal time with another primary relationship, or be a truly significant side relationship. If Gerard/Bob only rates a quick mention, or their relationship (love or friendship) doesn't play much of a role, there are other, more appropriate communities out there for you to post in.
  • Okay, well, I wrote a Bob/Mikey story and Gerard is in it. And he even talks to Bob, because they're friends and stuff. Is that okay?

    Plz see above answer. :)
  • I posted a link last month to an awesome Gerard/Bob story I wrote. I have made some changes/reposted it/moved it to another LJ/feel like posting a link again to get more readers. Can I?

    Once is really enough. If you moved the story to a new URL, we're happy to update the link at the Gerard_Bob delicious account, though -- just leave a comment in this post or shoot us an email at gbljcommunity@gmail.com.
  • Why should I bother with proper English/capitalization/font/etc? Why should I get a beta? This is the internet, such things aren't that important, are they?

    We're not going to police your stories to make sure you use a beta, and we're not going to police the way you post at your own LJ. However, if you post fic to this community it is strongly suggested that you use a beta; and it is required that you use proper English/capitalization/font. Why: it's hard to read fics written in netspeak or lolcat or in bright pink text or with wacky alignment. We prefer not to inflict that on our members, not to mention you'll likely chase off potential readers by making the story more trouble than it's worth to read.
  • I read a great Gerard/Bob fic or meta, or found some great Gerard/Bob fan art. Can I post a rec?

    For now, we're going to ask folks to comment to this post with any recs instead of making a new post about it. We'll collect them and make an all-recs post once a month (or week, if we get a wonderful deluge of recs for new Gerard&Bob fic/art/meta). We may not post repeat recs, unless there's a really good reason for it.
  • Speaking of recs, is the Gerard_Bob delicious account a recs list?

    No. That account is an opinion-free, one-stop-shopping collection of all of the Gerard&Bob and Gerard/Bob fic, fan art, meta, etc. that we can find. We will include information such as title, author, artist, summary & rating; and if the story or art is not slash we'll tag it as 'Gen.' It will be up to you to explore and find stuff you like.
  • I have a bunch of pictures of Bob, and a bunch of pictures of Gerard, and I'd like to post a picspam of them even though they're not really together in the pictures. Okay?

    Well...to a point. We prefer pictures of Gerard and Bob together, but at the same time they aren't all that easy to find. The occasional picspam that contains individual pictures of each of them is fine. But keep in mind, if you have one picture of Bob and twenty pictures of Gerard, that's not a Gerard&Bob picspam. That is a picspam of Gerard and that other guy. Make sure it's Gerard AND Bob.
  • I have a community/have started a community/am running a fic or art challenge that I think Gerard_Bob members will be interested in. Can I make a post about it?

    If you would like to advertise a community or challenge/ficathon/etc., please contact the mods BEFORE you post, at gbljcommunity@gmail.com. We will most likely give you the go-ahead; we just want to avoid unleashing overzealous multi-post advertisers on our members' flists.
  • Which of the community tags should I use for my post about [xyz]?

    Use the tags as follows:

    admin: This is for mod use only.

    challenges: Mods will use this when we post community challenges. If you know of a Gerard/Bob-centric challenge elsewhere, or a challenge that provides the opportunity to offer Gerard/Bob prompts or create Gerard/Bob fic or fan art, use this tag for your post about it. (Remember to contact the mods before posting advertisements for challenges.)

    fanarts: Use this tag for posts related to any fan-created graphics -- drawings, icons, wallpapers, etc. (Remember to include warnings in your post when appropriate. No surprise!naked-bodies etc. please!)

    fic: Use this tag for posts containing or advertising your own fic. (Again, note warnings in your post (visible or lj-cut), or else state that you do not provide warnings.)

    meta: Use this tag for posts discussing Gerard/Bob and Gerard&Bob. Ship manifestos, in depth analysis of how that one interview with Gerard and Bob clearly demonstrates how they are sekritly in love, etc.

    picspam: Use this tag for posts containing Gerard&Bob photos (photoshoots, fan photos, etc.)

    recs: This is another one for mod use only. We'll tag our collected-recs posts with this one.
  • I don't believe in using warnings on my fic / fan art. I don't want to spoil for the things that happen.

    Okay. You don't have to include a list of warnings in your post. But in that case you do need to include a statement in the post that you do not use warnings. We don't want to make you spoil for something you don't want to spoil or anything like that. All we're looking for here is a chance for people to make an informed choice as to whether or not to click the link.
  • Hey, hey, this is great! I want to spread the word about the reopening! May I?

    By all means, go ahead! The more people join, the better!
  • I made a post and you DELETED IT. What the hell?

    We will only do that if you break a rule. If you think you did not break a rule, email us gbljcommunity@gmail.com and let us know we screwed up.
Did we miss anything? Do you have a question not answered here? Leave a comment or email us at gbljcommunity@gmail.com!
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