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Welcome to Gerard_Bob!

This is a community for sharing fic, pics, meta, art and recs focusing on Gerard Way and Bob Bryar.

Rules are simple:

- Posts must be about Gerard AND Bob.
- Gerard&Bob-centric (slash or gen) fic, fan art, meta and picspams can be posted here; or post a link here to your own LJ/DW/IJ/etc post. (See the 'clarification' link below for how recs are handled.)
- Please use LJ cuts for pictures and fic/long meta.
- If you post fic or art, or links to fic or art, please either include warnings or else specify that you do not use warnings.
- If you post fic, please include a header, a disclaimer, and do not change the default font/colors/setting. Fics also need to be written in proper English (no netspeak!) and if possible, have someone else looking at your work before posting.
- If you want to advertise a new (or established) community here, please contact the mods first. We can be reached at gbljcommunity@gmail.com.
- You can tag your posts here -- that would be really helpful for us, actually! -- but please use the tags provided by the community.


- Be nice to each other.
- Be nice to Gerard and Bob and Gerard/Bob.
- Be nice about other band members, pairings, bands, etc. Don't bash anybody, okay?

Clarification of rules, and questions about rules, can be found here.

The Gerard_Bob comm maintainers can be reached at: gbljcommunity@gmail.com


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